Modification announcement, Feb. 22

Subject: Minor changes in "Source separation in the presence of real-world background noise" task
From: Alexey Ozerov <alexey.ozerov (at)>
To: sisec (at)
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 2010 15:03:07 +0100

Dear SiSEC2010 participants and organizers,

Please note that the following minor changes were done concerning
"Source separation in the presence of real-world background noise (external link)" task

On the behalf of the evaluation proposers, I'd like to announce that we've modified the DOA files for the stereo cases in the development dataset "Dev". The modification consists in replacing the values in these files based on the following rules: 140 -> 143; 30 -> 33; 75 -> 80.

This modification was needed because the previous versions of the files had not been accurate: the DOAs in them had not been measured from the midpoint of the 2 microphones but from a different point. Please see Fig. 1. Since we used microphones 1 and 2 specified in this figure in the stereo cases, we should have measured DOAs from their midpoint, but we'd done from the midpoint of microphones 2 and 3. So, I've recalculated the DOAs from the right position resulting in this modification: 140 -> 143; 30 -> 33; 75 -> 80.

We'd like to thank Dr. Dang Hai Tran Vu, who had reported to us large biases in DOA estimates by his algorithm. This had led us to find out the problem. We also would like to thank potential participants for understanding this modification.

Best regards,

Alexey Ozerov.