Subject: Changes in "Dependent component extraction" task
From: Alexey Ozerov <alexey.ozerov (a)>
To: sisec (a)
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2010 15:42:50 +0100

Dear SiSEC2010 participants and organizers,

Please note that the following changes were done concerning
"Dependent component extraction" task (external link)

From Guido Nolte:

On the behalf of the evaluation proposers, I'd like to announce that we
have replaced the data-file
for the challenge "Dependent component extraction"
by a corrected version. The data set was replaced because there was a
bug in the code
which created it. The given description is still valid but now for
the correct data set. I would like to thank Petr Tichavsky who pointed
out to me
that the data had rank 17 instead of 19.

If you have already started preparing your submissions,
please download again the file (external link)

Best regards,

Alexey Ozerov.